From: Deanna Roman
Subject: Request for Help

Message Body:
Good day my beloved friend,
My name is Deanna Roman, from Ukraine.
Honestly, I will like you to understand and help me out of this place here in Ukraine.
I am sick and I lost my only sister who is assisting me. She died as a soldier defending her country, I don’t know what to do.
I am writing you to please help me with any amount just to put food on my table. I don’t have money to eat and to buy medications. and It has been very hard for me to survive here.
I want to go out of this place but can’t because I don’t have money to pay for my transport to the neighboring country.
I’m begging for the sake of love, please help me any amount will be okay to eat and buy medications.
Please even if it is $10 it will help me a lot.
Due to Crisis here the banking system is not working.
Please you can send it to my Bitcoin wallet account below.

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